Carole Hochman

Carole Hochman is a lifestyle brand specializing in comfortable and stylish sleepwear and loungewear.

The brand is named after a clothing designer and sleepwear visionary - Carole Hochman.

For more than a decade, the brand's iconic designs and natural fabrics have been inspiring women with elegant sleepwear collections.

User Experience
Web Development
The brand outlined the urgent need to improve web user experience and conversion rate.
After completing a thorough analysis of the site and its ecommerce KPIs, our team found a few areas with usability friction. Our plan was to improve these areas, including design adjustments, new front-end functionality, and implementation of a comprehensive search engine based on a machine-learning algorithm. The brand was also enabled to send automatic lifecycle email campaigns.
Our team successfully identified UX/UI issues of the website by employing best-in-class usability and conversion rate optimization tools. The proposed new search engine had three times the positive impact on the conversion rate of all sessions with the search. The new functionality improvements completely eliminated usability friction. A well-configured life cycle email program increased customer retention rate, brand loyalty and average order value.
+61 %
Conversion Rate, YoY
+81 %
Sessions from Email, YoY
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