Performance Analytics

A powerful business intelligence and analytics platform giving you a unique way to visualize and streamline omnichannel data
How it works?
Omnycode Insights integrates with leading ecommerce, marketing and operations tools, connecting data across your entire business.

The platform enables merchants to transform and visualize all the data in one place and get a clearer, more robust, 360-degree view of their business' health and effectiveness.

Insights Overview

Omnycode insights

Business Intelligence Platform for Ecommerce / Omni Channel business

Custom Integrations Available
Strategic analysis
Business models
Scenario based planning
Ecommerce consulting
C-Level Enterprise Portal
Custom Dashboards and Reports
100+ Pre-built Integrations

Platforms Include

Customer Service
Strategic analysis
Business models
Scenario based planning
Ecommerce consulting
Ecommerce (BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.)
Email Service Providers
Ecommerce consulting
Marketplaces (Amazon, ebay, Walmart, etc.)
Ecommerce consulting

Insights Dashboards

Gross Profit
Products Sold
Average Order Value (AOV)
Conversion Rate
Revenue by Channel

Revenue earned. Depending on your settings, this is calculated with or without Tax, Shipping, Refunds, and Discounts. Data is pulled from your ecommerce platform.

Gross Profit

Revenue minus Cost of Goods Sold. Revenue data is pulled from your ecommerce platform. Cost of Goods Sold is the expenses directly associated with obtaining a product. COGS data is pulled from either your ecommerce platform or from the Cost Manager page in the application.


Number of Orders placed. If someone buys five products in one Order, this counts as one Order. Data is pulled from your ecommerce platform.

Products Sold

Total Products Sold. If there are two orders, one which includes four Products Sold, and one which includes five Products Sold, total Products Sold is nine. Data is pulled from your ecommerce platform.

Average Order Value

Revenue divided by the number of Orders. Data is pulled from your ecommerce platform.

Conversion Rate

Orders divided by Visits. Combination of data from your ecommerce platform and your analytics platform.

Revenue by Channel

Visits to your website. (Also known as Sessions in Google Analytics.) Data is pulled from your analytics platform, usually Google Analytics.

Insights Plans

  • 26 Data Sources
  • Prebuilt Dashboards
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Products Trending
  • Channel Performance
  • Daily Snapshot Email
Insights Plus
  • Insights Features
  • 100+ Data Sources
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Client Specific Calculations
  • Access to Omnycode Reports Library
Insights Pro
  • Insights Plus Features
  • Executive Level Dashboards
  • Permisions Based Access
  • Custom Data Sources Available (e.g. Blue Cherry, Shipstream, Cloud Retalier and many more)

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