NEWS & RESOURCES · Sep 09. 2023

Adobe Acquires Magento Commerce

Exciting news came from San Jose, California this week.

Adobe announced its acquisition of Magento Commerce, a market-leading commerce platform, marking the next step in open-source commerce digital innovation.

The deal worth approximately $1.68 billion would bring a lot to Adobe's positioning as a global leader in designing and delivering digital experience. At the core of every great experience are content and data, which enable the consistent, personal, intuitive experiences consumers have come to expect. Commerce is also integral to the customer experience. Consumers and businesses now expect every interaction to be shoppable – whether on the web, mobile, social, in-product or in-store. Magento acquisition is Adobe's bid to create more streamlined omni-channel experiences across a variety of new digital spaces.

Magento leadership also believes that the move encompasses a tremendous opportunity for the platform:

  • To offer even greater value to customers, partners and developers across their commerce investment
  • To accelerate product roadmap enabled by the breadth and depth of Adobe's product capabilities and cloud technology
  • To tap Adobe's global operational scale to accelerate penetration into new verticals and geographies
  • To harness the creative passion of Magento Community towards their mission of using technology to connect and empower people.

The reaction from Magento users is mixed however. Some groups believe that because of continuously shrinking market share of open-source ecommerce platforms (including Magento), planned restructure to a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) business model is the only feasible way to compete with Shopify and BigCommerce. They predict that Magento Open Source (former Magento Community) platform is going to be less flexible and the modules would be more expensive or even subscription-based, similarly to some Adobe services. Others remain more positive and believe in innovation, continued improvement of Magento platform, new features, scalability with Adobe Cloud Solutions and even faster blockchain adoption.