7 Magento Must Have Extensions of 2018

It's not a secret that Magento is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms, that supports thousands of business globally. Magento is known as a flexible, reliable and scalable open-source solution, which can be a great fit for ecommerce stores of all niches and sizes.

If you are the one who uses Magento as a platform for your eCommerce store, you probably know how important the extensions are. The basic Magento setup won't suit all of your needs, which is, however, not a problem. There is a huge marketplace of Magento 1-2 extensions, and it's easy to get lost in them.

Thankfully, you don't have to go looking for the right extensions on your own as we have come up with a brief list of 7 most valuable Magento extensions which will help your business stand out from the competitors.

1. Sweet tooth loyalty programs

Sweet Tooth is Magento's best and most trusted loyalty & reward point extension. It allows you to build and customize your loyalty program just the way you want.

It is a must tool for all types of businesses from small and medium sized ecommerce stores to Magento's largest merchants. It drives loyalty, retains current customers, and encourages higher spending.

Price: Free

2. Advance product designer

Product personalization tool is a good way to make your customers stay loyal to your brand.

Advance Product Designer is a Magento based online product designer tool that allowsyour customers to create their own printable designs (t-shirt design, mag, bag, cap, gift, mobile case cover, laptop skin, etc.) that they can use on the products they order. It is a powerful product personalization Magento 1-2 tool with the most advanced set of features available in the market.

This extension will help your customers to add text, graphics, and clip-arts to their favorite products. They can also have a preview of the products and order them once they are print-ready.

Price: from $375

3. One page checkout

Simple and quick checkout process typically increases conversion rate and decreases cart abandonment rate, which means that you can save the amount of money needed to spend on attempts to bringing those abandoned carts to purchase completion.

One Page Checkout is an extension that turns your 4-6 step checkout process into one simple responsive page.

What's more, One Page Checkout comes with built-in integrations for the industry's leading payment processing modules, including PayPal, Braintree, and all of Magento's default payment methods.

Price: Free

4. Payment & Shipping

Payment & Shipping by Customer Group lets you set access to payment and shipping methods by customer groups according to your business goals.

This allows you to provide customers only with relevant information, reward existing customers by offering discounts on shipping, improve your checkout process as well as provide incentives to new customers.

You can set, restrict or allow methods via mass action. For instance, it's possible to display certain payment methods only to desired groups of clients. What's more, its open source and allows you doing full frontend and backend customization.

Price: from $79.00

5. This is why on-site search matters

InstantSearch+ improves your customers' search experience with a robust autocomplete and autosuggest feature.

What's more, it even corrects the spelling errors. This extension has a learning search algorithm that continuously gets better with AI. The tool also understands human language so that queries made by customers are answered with expected results.

Price: Free

6. Zopim chat

All sales begin with a conversation. That's why in the digital age, it's extremely important to have a chat tool on your website.

Zopim Chat is one of the best chat extensions available today. By simply clicking the chat button, your customers can talk to you directly and easily. It allows you not only to showcase your products but to find out what your customers want and expect.

This extension has a lot of useful functions apart from simply chatting. For instance, it allows you to monitor the customers while they are on your site. You can see what page they entered, their current physical location, URL and if they visited your website before.

Price: Free

7. Shipping rules

Shipping costs are one of the most common reasons for clients abandoning their shopping carts. That's why trying to create a well-balanced pricing strategy can be stressful and challenging.

Shipping Rules is a Magento extension that solves this problem. It allows you to configure shipping rules in the same way that you would set up promotion rules.

This extension allows you to set shipping costs based on the following conditions: Magento Environment, Customer Group, Cart Totals (Weight, Quantity, etc.), Promotion (Free Shipping, Coupon Code, etc.), Payment Method, Date and Time, Destination, and much more. Isn't that what you were always dreaming about?

Price: $80.00